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Good News and Bad News


So uh, good news and bad news. Continue reading



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Where my RWBY fans at?

Anyone out there watched RWBY?  I’m eagerly awaiting the next season, especially considering the “Velvet Scarlatina” Costume design contest.  I put two entries into that and I hope I win!

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Jersey Girl

Episode 14 of Kill la Kill was really invigorating, wasn’t it?  Anyways, I drew this up right afterwards.  It’s sketchy, but I don’t have the time to get it nice and pretty since I’ll be out of town for the weekend.  That said, “Wake Up, Girls!” will be late.

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Nudist Beach~~~!


Kill la Kill fans rejoice! NUDIST BEACH~!

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01/12/2014 · 11:55

My Deviantart Reposting Can’t Be This Cute!

My Deviantart Reposting Can't Be This Cute!

Due to the lack of my posting content like I used to, I’ve decided to share what I spend my extra spare time on here. That’s right, I’ve expressed it before that I am an artist. So here is my shameless plea to share my work beyond DA while making up for the fact that I can’t write as often as I’d like! Please don’t hesitate to check out what other fanart and originals I concoct.

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01/10/2014 · 22:58

“Manga Collectionary” – Want a place to see cool stuff?


A little birdie told me about this neat website that I think would greatly interest some of you guys.  As a collector of Anime Artbooks and PVC Figurines, I think these guys are doing something really cool and helpful for those who might want to learn more or flaunt their collection.  I just wish I had my stuff with me to take pictures to show you all. T_T

(By the way, that Pokemon pic is from my own personal collection. :P) Continue reading


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Happy Halloween!



Hope you all enjoy candy-day!

[Image Source: Newest Update illustration on the Little Witch Academia 2 Kickstarter]

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