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Little Witch Academia 2 Hits Kickstarter


Little Witch Academia 2 Kickstarter

If you’re like me and greatly loved Studio TRIGGER’s Little Witch Academia, you’ll definitely want to back this Kickstarter.

If you HAVEN’T seen Little Witch Academia, it is available for stream on Youtube right now!



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RWBY – “Black” Trailer

The newest in Monty Oum’s series of trailers for the project titled “RWBY” has been released.  Check it out.

Action-wise, this one comes really close to being my favorite of the current three uploaded.  The Iaido skills are strong in this vid.  However, there is still stuff that desperately needs work that make it unable to top my overall favorite, the “Red” trailer.  I don’t necessarily follow Oum’s work, however I do know that his work with fast-paced action is incredible.  The character acting is oddly stiff, especially when you compare it to the fluidity of the fighting movements.  Disregarding the subpar voice acting, if the character interaction was pushed more this trailer would be amazing.

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RWBY – “White” Trailer

Sometime in November, I posted the latest in a new series of animations from RoosterTeeth’s Monty Oum, “RWBY Red.”  As of Valentine’s Day, the newest and second in the 4-part trailers, “White” was posted on Youtube.  Check it out.


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Happy Valentine’s Day From HakoToshokan

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Here’s a special video for you all to commemorate the occasion.  Don’t eat too much chocolate, now!

If you liked the PV, don’t forget to catch my episode reviews for Love Live! School Idol Project here on HakoToshokan or Population GO.


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Paperman – A Great Mix Of 2D & 3D


If you watched last year’s 3D-animated hit movie, Wreck-it Ralph, then you most likely remember this little short animation that hit the silver screen before the feature film. Continue reading


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A New Beginning, Final Fantasy Style

Can stunning graphics and revamped gameplay really save this MMO from the depths of the lifestream?

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October2012 Sakuga MAD

As an art school/animation graduate, I find it very hard to not appreciate when Anime actually, you know… animates. Continue reading

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