via Netflix

The following is a list of recommended series that are readily available via Netflix. (Last updated: 11/21/12)

Note: I have not heard the English dub track for most of these.

# –

A –

Afro Samurai (action/historical)

Ah! My Goddess (Romance/Comedy/Drama)

Air Gear (Action/Sports-like/Comedy)

Angel Beats (Drama/Comedy/Action)

Aquarion (action/drama/comedy/mecha)

B –

Burst Angel (Action/Drama/Comedy)


C –

Canaan (Action/Drama)

Casshern Sins (Action/Drama)

Chobits (Romance/Drama/Comedy/Cute)

Clannad (Drama/comedy)

D –

Darker than Black (action/crime/drama)

Demon King Daimao (Action/comedy/harem)

Desert Punk (action/comedy)

E –

Eden of the East (Drama/Comedy)

Elfen Lied (action/drama/thriller)

F –

FLCL (action/comedy)

Fullmetal Alchemist (Action/Drama/Comedy)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Action/Drama/Comedy)

G –

Girls Bravo (harem/comedy)

H –

High School of the Dead (action/drama/comedy)

I –

J –

K –

Kiddy Grade (Action/Drama/Comedy)


L –

M –

N –

Needless (action/comedy)

O –

Ouran High School Host Club (shoujo/comedy/drama)

P –

Q –

R –

Rideback (Drama)


S –

Samurai 7 (Action/Drama)

Samurai Camploo (action/historical/drama)

Sgt. Frog (comedy/fantasy)

Soul Eater (Shounen/action/comedy)

Speed grapher (Action/Drama)

T –

Tears to Tiara (Action/Warfare/Drama)

This Ugly Yet Beautiful World (Drama/romance/comedy)

U –

V –

W –

Witchblade (Action/Drama)


X –

Xam’d (Drama/Action)


Y –

Z –



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