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The following is a list of recommended series that are readily available via (Last updated: 11/20/2012)

# –


A –

Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy (Romance/comedy/drama)

Aquarion (action/drama/comedy/mecha)


B –

Blade of the Immortal (action/martial arts/historical)

Blue Exorcist (action/comedy/shounen)


C –


D –

Digimon Adventure 02 (action/childrens/comedy/fantasy)

Digimon Tamers (action/childrens/comedy/fantasy)

Durarara!! (action/drama/comedy/crime)


E –


F –

Fate/Zero (action/drama)

Fist of the North Star (action/martial arts)


G –

Galaxy Express 999 (action/drama/sci-fi)


H –


I –

Initial D (action/sports/drama)


J –


K –


L –


M –

Marvel Anime: Ironman (action/sci-fi)

Marvel Anime: Wolverine (action/sci-fi)

Marvel Anime: X-Men (action/sci-fi)


N –

Nisemonogatari (drama/comedy/harem)

Nodame Cantabile (drama/music)


O –

Oreimo (Comedy/Harem-ish/Drama)


P –

Pretty Cure (Futari wa,) (childrens/action/magical girl/comedy)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Magical Girl/Drama/Action)


Q –


R –

Read or Die – ROD The TV (action/crime)


S –

School Rumble (Romance/Comedy)

The Slayers (Action/Comedy)

Space Pirate Captain Harlock (action/sci-fi)

Star Driver (action/drama/sci-fi/mech)


T –


U –


V –

Valkyria Chronicles (action/warfare/drama/fantasy)


W –


X –


Y –


Z –


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