Anime Review: Kakumeki Valvrave – 13 [Season 2 Return]

[Zero-Raws] Kakumeiki Valvrave - 13 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_22.18_[2013.10.14_08.50.58]

This Fall season we return to Module 77, further unraveling the mysteries behind the Valvrave curse.

[Zero-Raws] Kakumeiki Valvrave - 13 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_00.08_[2013.10.14_08.45.53]

RECAP:  Cain’s new power proves overwhelming for Haruto to handle.  When their two VVV unit AIs create some kind of resonance, Cain’s machine begins to malfunction, forcing their forces’ retreat.  Two months later, JIOR has since taken asylum on the moon, struggling with its diplomatic sustain.  Meanwhile, Haruto has locked himself up to further analyze his condition in correlation with the Valvrave.  Also, an imporant trip to Earth is set up in order to seek out the escaped JIORians behind the VVV-Project.

[Zero-Raws] Kakumeiki Valvrave - 13 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_02.57_[2013.10.14_08.46.59] [Zero-Raws] Kakumeiki Valvrave - 13 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_05.18_[2013.10.14_08.47.34]

I have to say, despite my month-long absence from all anime, I am quite disappointed with the return of one of my Spring 2013 favorites, Kakumeki Valvrave.  There are points here and there this episode that brings up new questions, like:  What do the different Rune symbols mean?  What exactly is this “Council of the 101?”  And what exactly is a “Magius?”  All of which are rather legitimate questions.  But it feels there isn’t really much new to the table beside the appearance of this “Council of 101.”  Sure, we are just continuing right where we left off, but this episode alone just didn’t feel like it had the “Welcome back, here is why you’re going to sit through this again” kind of flair.

[Zero-Raws] Kakumeiki Valvrave - 13 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_07.57_[2013.10.14_08.47.58] [Zero-Raws] Kakumeiki Valvrave - 13 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_13.04_[2013.10.14_08.48.42]

Anyway, the terror has passed and our heroes have made it to safe, neutral airspace on the moon.  The public has long given their support as well as the ARUS government, but that will eventually die out in due time.  Given those circumstances, the student-run government of New JIOR aim to make things work; even if they can’t get everything they want.  Meanwhile, the Valvrave pilots are in dire need of information; backstory, if you will.  So while part of the student government will go to Earth to seek out the families of the students to bring JIOR back to its old self, Haruto and the others will be seeking out the people responsible for the Valvrave Project for some answers.

[Zero-Raws] Kakumeiki Valvrave - 13 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_19.00_[2013.10.14_08.49.30] [Zero-Raws] Kakumeiki Valvrave - 13 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_21.51_[2013.10.14_08.50.49]

As we’ve already known, Haruto is the epicenter of all the Valvraves in New JIOR possession, mostly due in part to the female AI exclusively in Unit-01.  The “vampire-like” symptoms he has are directly related to the mobile suits.  Near the end of last season, we scraped upon the surface of what Runes are.  This time we learn a little bit more that the Runes, as an information body, is the main power source for the Valvrave… all of them even.  So in order for survival, Haruto must attack those close to him.  But he’s too much of a nice guy for that.  An interesting personal conflict, albeit a cliché one.  Personally, I wouldn’t have turned down giving Saki the D if the alternative was to only bite L-Elf. 😛

Rating:  3.5/5

[Zero-Raws] Kakumeiki Valvrave - 13 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_24.07_[2013.10.14_08.51.29]

The only way to defeat a Valvrave is by using a Valvrave.  What exactly is Cain planning?



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2 responses to “Anime Review: Kakumeki Valvrave – 13 [Season 2 Return]

  1. zztop

    Hope life is treating you well!
    How do you find the new OP for Season 2 compared to Season 1? Better or worse? Personally, I really like the guitar track in this one. Even the duet combo feels stronger!!

    At this point, what do you personally think Pino, Prue and the original 2 Valvraves are? Some kind of alien lifeforms? It’s strange how these 2 are the only ones acting funny, while the other Valvraves aren’t (yet).

    If you plan to cover anything else for Fall, I suggest looking at Beyond the Boundary(for Kyoani beauty), Kill la Kill(for over-the-top, retro-style action, quite popular in Japan), Tokyo Ravens and Strike the Blood (for what I expect will be a fun shonen-action romp). Of course these are just suggestions. Give them a try and let us know what you think! 🙂

    PS. $10 that L-11 totally shoved the tracking device up Haruto’s bu(gets shot by Dorssia’s Public Morals Council before the sentence can be finished)(x__x)

    • Thanks zztop!
      The new OP will take some getting used to. I’m still slightly partial to the first OP since it is the current ringtone on my phone. There has never been a Mizuki Nana song I didn’t like, so I’m sure I will come to love this new one.

      As far as Pino and Prue go, I don’t want to go the “aliens” route as it feels like it kills the fantasy element of “vampires” in the theme. It would be more interesting to think that they are entities from a long history of vampire that originated on Earth and that all of this is a futuristic modernization of how technology has come to take advantage of such power, even if it is against their (Pino and Prue’s) wills. With Unit-01 and the others, I think it works on a similar vampiric Master-Slave system.

      Don’t really expect much by way of reviews this Fall season. Although I am watching several shows, I have a couple things going on IRL that have my attention elsewhere, like: moving to Las Vegas, building a new PC, and current projects to reboot my art career. I chose to review Valvrave mostly in part because it would continue where I left off at the end of Spring season.

      PS. I would’ve taken Saki’s offer.

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