Return to Sender


Hey guys, look who’s back!  No, not the same good ‘ol days of Toonami (Still don’t know how to feel about “Anime Adult Swim”).  Read on for a fair explaination as to what is going on and what you, my awesome readers, can expect for the future of HakoToshokan.

As you may remember, my last post about a month ago was about prepping and leaving for Navy Officer Training.  Well… I went… and it didn’t go too well.  I pretty much fell ill from Day-1, affecting me physically (also causing a lot of mental stress).  Pretty much for the full 4-weeks that I was in Newport, RI, I was sick with a roller coaster of symptoms and no clear cure in sight because the doctors couldn’t figure out what exactly the problem was (damn you unknown allergies!)  So a lot of time lying down in bed gave me a lot of time to think, “What am I doing here?”

Furthermore, my heart just wasn’t in it after a certain point.  If you know anything about me IRL, or can tell what kind of person I am by my writing, you’ll know that I am a very thoughtful and creative person that looks at the intricacies of individualism.  The training overall is meant to “rebuild” you into a cog of a machine.  But someone like me is more like an individual, unique piece of a puzzle.  I went in looking for the leadership qualities that would make me a better Studio Director/Producer, which is my career-end goal, but it turns out that it just wasn’t the type of leadership I was in search of.

Long story short: The military way just wasn’t for me, emotionally, mentally, and physically.  Also, I am “allergic” to Rhode Island.

With all that said, I have a lot to catch up on; especially considering I left before the end of Summer season, and I’m about 2-weeks behind on the current Fall season of anime.  Because of that, and the fact that I need to re-situate myself with a new battle plan career-wise, I will take it very, very slow in rebooting the archives of HakoToshokan.

As far as Anime Reviews go, I’m not sure I will cover Fall season.  But I think if I do I will only work on one show for now, Kakumeki Valvrave.  Why?  Obviously because I covered the first season.  Sadly, I will not be finishing the reviews for the Summer season stuff.  The Manga Monday and Tuesday Terminology bits will be less weekly and likely pop up if I feel like doing a segment.

Oh, remember how I said I need to rethink a new approach to my career?  Well, I’m debating to integrate HakoToshokan into that by doubling it as my Artist’s blog as well.  If I plan to do that, you guys will get to follow my currently in development magical girl show cartoon pitch!  I also plan to be re-learning various art techniques (2D and 3D) to better market myself to the job market.  If you’re interested in that kind of blog development, I’d love to hear your support and even requests on stuff to possibly cover.

I’m really excited to start getting some stuff done once I’m finally off medication and 100% healthy again.

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