Closing the Box




It’s been a great year guys.  As the date to go to Navy OCS training comes near, I must get more serious.  I’ve greatly enjoyed reviewing and imparting knowledge to you readers.  I will be leaving the blog up, allowing the great reviews and info-posts to stick around.  Although I am sad that I will be missing out on what looks to be a great Fall 2013 anime season, I am in dire need of a life-changing event.  If only IRL was as easy to change one’s life like in anime/manga.

Once again, thank you for reading.  I greatly enjoyed being able to talk about a subject I so deeply care about.


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One response to “Closing the Box

  1. Mokona4396

    ;A; AWWWWWWW!!!!!!
    Take great care man, I hope the training goes well for you Hako-Toshokan 🙂
    Are you planning to return for the winter 2014 anime season though, or will this be longer. …or you won’t return at all ;(

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