Tuesday Terminology: The Big 3

Tuesday Terminology is a weekly segment to enlighten the masses with words, phrases, and ideals usually tacked on to today’s anime/manga scene.

This week’s topic: The Big 3


“The Big 3”

Refers to the top 3 Shounen manga

Since around 2004, the biggest top-selling shounen manga around have been Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece.

These top-tier manga are referred by the fandom as the “Big 3.”

Even now, in 2013, they are still high ranking manga that carry large fanbases.  Some would argue that the times have changed and that manga such as Toriko have usurped one the previously mentioned in the top spots.  But it still doesn’t change some facts that they have sold millions of dollars/yen worth in their respective franchises.

But with a couple of these series coming to a close and the aging authors, what will take their place in the future?  Who knows…

SJ 40 weekly jumpRoad-to-Naruto-Weekly-Shonen-Jump-Issue-34-Covershonenjump_cover17


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