Kiniro and This Week’s Posts

[Sena-Raws] Kin`iro Mosaic - 02 (AT-X HD! 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_05.52_[2013.07.14_15.29.45]

Hey all!  Just so you guys know, due to the nature of Kiniro Mosaic‘s slice-of-life style of show, I will not be reviewing each episode.  For those of you who may have gotten your hopes up after seeing my episode 01 review, I’m sorry.  This doesn’t mean I will not be watching it though.  So much Engrish and cuteness!

Additionally, there will be no Monday/Tuesday posts and the reviews for Free! and C3-bu will be delayed as I will be going out of town for the week.

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