Anime Review: Suisei no Gargantia – 12


Commander Kugel’s crusade against Gargantia doesn’t go as planned as the series reaches its climax.

(Sorry this one came out late. Took a while to obtain a good RAW for screenshots.)

RECAP:  Kugel’s planned crusade against Gargantia readies.  As Pinion and Ledo realize the truth of Kugel’s fleet, they plan a revolt with the Pirate Lukkage and send Melty out as courier to warn Gargantia of the impending attack.  When the time comes, Ledo confronts Kugel in battle.  When Ledo finally pins down the Striker unit and forcibly opens the cockpit, he finds that his commanding officer isn’t exactly as healthy as he was led to believe.



My opinion of Pinion has gotten a bit better after this episode.  I’m glad that he has become aware of his errors, as many should.  It doesn’t change the fact that his shallow way of thinking led the entirety of the fleet that believed him straight into the hands of a crazy, religious fleet willing to offer people as sacrifices to honor their God just for a little rainfall.  Just think about it, they dumped probably about 40-60 people into the water during that once instance of rain.  Assuming it rains quite often on an Earth covered in water, that is 40-60 people killed per week all for the sake of appeasing the Holy One.


Ledo has now started to think for himself.  Over the course of the series, he has learned what it means to be a human being living for ones’ self and others.  Now that he has seen the truth behind the Alliance (thanks to the Earth history tape) and the truth of the Kugel Fleet, Ledo knows the difference between “what is right” and “what is his duty.”  He realizes now that he may have never truly made a decision for himself.


Surprisingly, although I had a slight hunch that it was coming, Commander Kugel has been practically dead all this time.  His body has been in stasis, supported by the functions of the Striker Machine Caliber unit.  What does this entirely mean really?  The Striker AI Pilot Support system became self aware?  Is it just following an innate black box protocol?  Hopefully we get a proper answer after everything is all over.

Rating:  4.5/5


She says that Ledo will owe her one.  But what is the likelihood this little slut will just be okay with something like “paint my fence”?

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