Manga Monday Ch.32 – Super Dreadnought Girl 4946

It’s Manga Monday.  A weekly post highlighting a different series.  I’ll mostly do posts on completed or ongoing series that are regularly updated.  While I do not condone scanlations, please support the creator and licensing companies by purchasing the work where available.

This week’s manga is – Super Dreadnought Girl 4946

Summary (

A huge monster suddenly attacks Matokos school, then a giant girl comes out of nowhere and protects the school. However, during the fight Matoko shows his heroic spirit, and the giant girl has now fallen in love with him, and wants to marry him?!

Hako’s Thoughts:

You know, all this talk about how terrible the Titans in Shingeki no Kyojin has made us forget that not all gigantic, oversized humanoids are all bad.  Take Emiya Mana for example, she measures in at 49m tall and all she wants to do is become a wonderful girlfriend to the chivalrous Tobita Makoto.  Mana may be an abomination to society, but it doesn’t change the fact that she was once human and still has feelings like one; especially the feelings of a teenage girl.  Early in the first chapter, Makoto may seem like a creep that is just looking for a girlfriend, but you come to learn that he has the heart to back up his words, even if it is a losing battle.  The translation progress may not be up to date, but as of right now there are 27 out of 29 chapters translated.  Much like Monster Musume, this is a series most likely to pass under your radar for its originality, but it is well worth checking out.

(Click images to enlarge)

 photo 025_11_20_2011_17_10_15_zpseac8a0fb.jpg photo 024_11_20_2011_17_10_15_zps5b89623f.jpg photo 028_11_20_2011_17_10_15_zpsc76aea39.jpg photo 027_11_20_2011_17_10_15_zps83998c21.jpg photo 026_11_20_2011_17_10_15_zps34b5fd07.jpg photo 029_11_20_2011_17_10_15_zpsb51c789e.jpg photo 030_11_20_2011_17_10_15_zpsadbdf9af.jpg photo 031_11_20_2011_17_10_15_zps5fe47ce9.jpg


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