Anime Review: Suisei no Gargantia – 10

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Now that he knows the truth, how will Ledo act now?

RECAP:  After finding out the truth of the Hideauze origins, Ledo is now conflicted by the Alliance/Hideauze war and his purpose in everything he has done up til now.  Meanwhile, Pinion takes full advantage of the fact that his crew has taken over the Sea of Mists territory.

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With all of the higher technology of the undersea research facility, Pinion sits upon a very high horse.  The treasure, regardless of its worth to humanity, is considered property of Pinion and his crew alone.  Would it not be a good idea to bring prosperity to all by sharing this lost technology?  That’d be the most humane thing to do.  But Pinion does have a point.  There are those sailing out there that would take advantage over good will and he is not about to let his “treasure” become someone else’s.

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Despite Ledo’s humane way of thinking in regards to the Hideauze, Chamber’s deduction has some merit.  Although these lifeforms are originally human, they have cast off one of the most important aspects of the human race: civilization.  That is exactly what we learned in the earlier episodes showing Ledo how to “live” as a human being on Gargantia.  To truly live as a human being, it is a requirement to rely on one another and work together to achieve desired results.  Hideauze have no need for one another, despite how strong they are as a group.  In order to keep fighting, Ledo must come to understand that the Hideauze are still a lifeform beyond that of humans, even if they were originally one in the same.

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Ledo recognizes the Allied machine as Commander Kugel’s (see: episode 1).  However, I have a feeling that this may be just the machine alone.  Or there is the possibility that it is a similar-looking machine whose Artificial Intelligence has taken over.  It could mean a lot of things.  But just know that this may change how Ledo will act.  Now that Ledo knows what it means to be human AND the truth of the Alliance, how exactly will he react to the recognizable Machine Caliber?  We’ll just have to wait for next week.

Rating:  4/5

[SlowRaws] Suisei no Gargantia - 10 (MX 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_15.09_[2013.06.09_19.32.38]

So Ledo is one of THOSE party guys, huh?


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