Tuesday Terminology: Joshi kousei

Tuesday Terminology is a weekly segment to enlighten the masses with words, phrases, and ideals usually tacked on to today’s anime/manga scene.

This week’s topic: Joshi Kousei


Joshi kousei (女子高生) literally means “high school girl.”  Often shortened as “JK” or “JC,” high school girls are without a doubt a very popular cultural topic in anime/manga media.  Series depicting high school girls can vary between several genres, such as, drama, rom-com, and slice-of-life comedy.   Because high school is considered the “Springtime of Youth,” it is a time when students grow into adulthood.  This includes the young girls as the center for their growth into womanhood, mentally and physically.  This is also the primary reason most harem romance-comedies take place during high school, as the male protagonist is surrounded by all those good-looking ladies.  Not only are certain series able to cater to the male audience through fan-service with those harem-type shows, shoujo series cater to the female audience by focusing more on the drama AS the girl (usually when she is torn by feelings of love).

While many Japanese schools are doing away with the required uniform attire, some still do and you can easily identify school girls by their Sailor Uniform.  Just be careful though (guys!), because you just might mistake them for being middle school girls too!


On a related note, characters that obsess over high school girls in their respective series are certainly always fun to watch.



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2 responses to “Tuesday Terminology: Joshi kousei

  1. Girl’s High! I loved that manga!

  2. Mike

    Lol, I don’t get it at all! Other than he’s a high end creeper!

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