Tuesday Terminology: Idiot Crows

Tuesday Terminology is a weekly segment to enlighten the masses with words, phrases, and ideals usually tacked on to today’s anime/manga scene.

This week’s topic: Idiot Crows


Based on Japanese Mythology, Crows often represent being a harbinger/symbol of death.  That’s fine and cool and all, but we’re gonna talk about the more comedic side to what Crows depict in anime and manga.

If you’re familiar with the early story arcs of Naruto, there were a lot of things that left a laugh in, aside from any serious battles.  The video embedded above is an example of various clips of when crows called out “Ahou~” within the first Naruto series.  Their appearance always follows an air-headed, or idiot, character saying or doing something very foolish.

The reason for this is because a Crow’s caw is an onomatopoeia of the Japanese word, “Ahou” (あほ), which means “idiot.”  These annoying birds will fly by mostly in comedy series, but don’t be surprised to see them in the light-hearted downtime of others.

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