Manga Monday Ch. 23 – Josei Danshi

It’s Manga Monday.  A weekly post highlighting a different series.  I’ll mostly do posts on completed or ongoing series that are regularly updated.  While I do not condone scanlations, please support the creator and licensing companies by purchasing the work where available.

This week’s manga is – Josei Danshi

Summary (Baka-Updates):

A boy with a cute sound and three girls want to make a band for girls only but they need a singer how it will be like this boy getting involved with them.

Hako’s Thoughts:

Several years ago, there was a time that I was very much into reading series that involved cross-dressing.  There’s just some hidden appeal to holding a secret and the drama/comedy that comes with it.  Anyways, Josei Danshi is a great example of a comedy-focused series of this genre, while also foreshadowing some seriousness behind why the girls, Ageha, Kotori, and Tsubasa, do not like boys.  A fear and disgust for the opposite sex doesn’t just cultivate from seeing them as vulgar beings.  There is usually more behind that.  While it has been a long while since scanlations have released, I really hope for more of this series in the future.  Pochi is one such pitiful soul that I want to cheer him on to be more confident and accepting of his girly voice.

(Click to enlarge images)

 photo 011_05_10_2012_08_06_49_zps054adcab.jpg photo 012_05_10_2012_08_06_49_zps65df70d2.jpg photo 013_05_10_2012_08_06_49_zpseecc29bf.jpg photo 014_05_10_2012_08_06_49_zps600a85db.jpg photo 015_05_10_2012_08_06_49_zps6fb1773d.jpg photo 016_05_10_2012_08_06_49_zpsc3a6352f.jpg

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