Anime Review: [First Impression] Red Data Girl – 1

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Mystery surrounds the real reason why this girl is sheltered and protected. We find out in this light novel adaptation of the same name.

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RECAP:  We are introduced to Suzuhara Izumiko, a frail, shy 15-year old girl that wants to change herself to be more proactive.  Raised at a countryside shrine, she wishes to enroll at a high school in the city, where she has the best possibility to change her ways.  In a starting effort, she cuts her bangs.  Somehow this causes a disturbance in what seems to be an innate spiritual power.  To protect her, a family friend and guardian assists by having his son, Sagara Miyuki, take the position of being by her side at all times.  Of course, Miyuki doesn’t like the plan one bit.

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Treated and protected as if she were from some rich family, Izumiko is different.  She doesn’t understand why she is treated this way, nor does she question it until now.  As shown, it seems that nothing out of the ordinary has ever really befallen Izumiko to grant her reason to believe she is special in any way.  It’s crazy how something so simple as cutting one’s hair can “mess up” the flow of one’s inner power.  But this is anime, so I’m not really going to question it (haha).  What really intrigues me is what her power may be based upon.  Although it is not uncommon for the old-fashioned, country girl to be bad with computers and electronics, it is strange to think that touching them can result in breaking them.  This point is further progressed when she is able to video communicate with her father in America on the computer without a webcam or any program of the sort active.

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As a result to the change in her mysterious powers, family friend, Sagara Yukimasa and the rest of the adult members of the shrine take action to prepare for any discrepancies.  It would seem that they all know the repercussions as to what may happen now that Izumiko cut her hair, but nobody seems willing to get her a straight answer.  Although she has a right to know about herself, it may be for the best to wait and see how things pan out.

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Miyuki doesn’t feel all too pleased about being taken away from his normal life and placed into the care of the shrine household.  Obviously, of course he wouldn’t be happy with being forced into such a situation.  Like Izumiko, there is more to all of this than the adults are letting on.  From the way the show has depicted it for us, the Sagara family must be like the Guardian family to the Suzuhara family and the Tamakura Shrine.  This is common to how samurai and ninja families served specific lords in Japan’s Warring States era.  I believe we will slowly be introduced to all of this as time moves on.  OR the bomb just might drop and we learn the “why” for everything next episode.

Rating:  3.5/5

[Zero-Raws] Red Data Girl -  01 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_14.07_[2013.04.07_09.59.42]

I know this is legitimate medical hardware, but it just looks plain silly.

Continue to watch? – Maybe.

Continue to Review? – No.


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