Anime Review: Love Live! School Idol Project – 13 [Final]

You can take the girl out of the Idol group, but you can’t take the Idol out of the girl.


RECAP:  With Honoka having quit μ’s, the girls decide to go on a short hiatus to later return with a school live concert.  Filled with slight regret, Honoka is invited out by her classmates to have fun, where she remembers how much fun she had as a School Idol.  Meanwhile, Kotori readies herself to leave the country.  After Honoka has a talk with Eri, she realizes where she went wrong and apologizes to Umi.  Umi expresses why she was unhappy with Honoka and urges her to stop Kotori at the airport.  With all nine members, the μ’s returns to the main stage for their live school performance.

Honoka is still down in the dumps with her decision to leave μ’s and her friends.  Luckily, her classmates that have supported her, Kotori and Umi since Day 1 are there to cheer her up.  I can’t tell if it was intentional to have her play Dance Dance Revolution to get her “groove back,” but it sure as hell tipped the scales.  It definitely helps that Eri stopped by to have a talk with Honoka.  I think the hiatus was something that was definitely needed for everyone in μ’s.  Practice would not go well with Kotori leaving.   They all just needed some time to cool down and reflect, just like Eri said when she proposed the idea.

Umi and Kotori have always admired Honoka’s straightforward, courageous attitude, and that is what the rest of the μ’s members have come to love about her too.  The fact that Honoka was acting the complete opposite made the whole lot of them unhappy, especially Umi.  Kotori knew she wanted to stay and continue being a School Idol, but she didn’t have that “push” to stop her from going.  Honoka has always been that person to urge her and Umi to try out new things on a whim.  That attitude is precisely what makes Honoka the only one meant to lead μ’s.

The insert song in this final episode is an all-member version of “Start:Dash!!

With all of our girls back together, they “Start:Dash!!” towards a new goal.  More than just saving the school, more than just participating in Love Live!, μ’s now has the goal to become successful School Idols.  As much as I don’t like her, Niko is right, Idols are meant to bring happiness and smiles to their audience.  They accomplish just that when they fill up the seats with endearing fans of their school.  And to think, they started out with just Honoka, Kotori, and Umi, in an empty auditorium.

Also, the girls have caught the competition’s eye.  Here’s to hoping for more Love Live! in the future!

GO Rating:  4.5/5


Final Thoughts:

Love Live! School Idol Project has an interesting background to it.  Originally a project to have an Idol group for animated music videos, which ride on popularity polls and various other fan input, Love Live! has successfully made me a fan of their music and the members of μ’s.

The mix of 3D CG and 2D animated shots make Love Live! my absolute favorite when it comes to Idol anime.  The editing work makes the entirety of the song and dance scenes flow incredibly well, as if I were watching a music video itself.  Although there is an obvious visual transition between the 2D and 3D shots, the feeling of enjoyment forces that point to become arbitrary.

The story for Love Live! is simple, yet somehow feels original at the same time.  In order to save their beloved school, I think becoming a School Idol would be the last thing I’d think of.  However, with this alternate Japan that apparently hails School Idols, this show pulls off a fun story that is entertaining to watch as much as the music is to listen to.  I feel that by being able to follow μ’s and their growth to become a School Idol group enables me, as a fan, to appreciate the songs and music videos that get churned out from the Love Live! project.

If you’re a fan of Jpop, Idol groups, and music-themed anime, Love Live! School Idol Projectis the perfect show for you.  I promise you will not be disappointed.

Overall GO Rating:  5/5


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One response to “Anime Review: Love Live! School Idol Project – 13 [Final]

  1. Luis

    Totally right , I gotta say this anime is deeper than most people think. Very touching about great decisions in life and hard work.

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