Tuesday Terminology: MC’s Best Friend

Tuesday Terminology is a weekly segment to enlighten the masses with words, phrases, and ideals usually tacked on to today’s anime/manga scene.

This week’s topic: MC’s Best Friend


You’ve seen them in most harem comedies.  They’re the “bro” that makes life a bit more amusing.  I’m talking about the MC’s Best Friend.

Most often set up as the comedic relief character, the buddy to male protagonists is there to set up a comparison for the MC as opposed to another common guy.  While this position is mostly taken up by an idiot of similar stature to the MC, they have their moments too.  Especially when it comes to “scouting the new first year girls” or “holding off the angry teachers while MC runs off to the girl he made cry.”  Their actions throughout their respective series usually tend to be 75% Comedy, 25% Serious Business.  The male protagonist will always need that awesome guy friend to confide in when things get tough with the ladies.  So the next time you see one of these guys in the series you’re watching/reading, appreciate them.  Because he is a pillar that helps the MC stand, even if he DOES look goofy.

Why can’t we have an anime where HE’S the main character instead?

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