Details for Upcoming Reviews & Personal News


Heya readers!

I definitely want to say, thanks for all your support and readership for this past Winter season’s anime.  As time went on it has become tough for me to balance IRL stuff with taking the time to do reviews, but I got them done!  As of this week, I will be finished with doing reviews for Population GO, so I will not be bound to covering 3 shows plus more here on HakoToshokan.  That doesn’t mean I will be ending my review work, but it will definitely mean that I will be knocking down my numbers of what I intend to review for this upcoming Spring season.  I will likely just review three shows this season.

Additionally, I have (finally) received word that I was accepted in the Navy Officer program.  So what does that mean?  At some point this year, I will be forced to leave HakoToshokan on a long term hiatus (or worse, shut HT down).  I will also have to spend some extra time getting ready for military training as well.  Nonetheless, I will continue to bring my insight through reviews, news, and the weekly segments until that time.

I hope you’ll continue to read my posts and tell your friends about this site as long as time permits me to inform.




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