Anime Review: Vividred Operation – 12 [Final]

The crow servant of the Alones has taken upon itself the opportunity to gain immense power.  Will our girls be able to defeat it?

RECAP:  The Alones’ servant devoured the Rei and the power of her remaining arrows.  With the immense energy it gained, there is no way to combat it.  However, Akane and the girls won’t give up on the friend they finally got through to.  After a barrage of Final Operations, they are able to reach Rei, allowing Akane and Rei to dock into VividRed form.  The monster is defeated and Rei is able to return to her world.

Seriously, I don’t know why the military in series like these try sometimes.  But hey, the last resort for the previous Alones was to throw all the WMDs at it, so they had them ready.  But what kills me even more is the fact of how the Manifestor engine’s energy powers everything in the world.  You would think it would be able to act like a fuel system, but no, it actively powers everything in the world at once.  The fighter jets and navy boats couldn’t function after the engine’s energy was blocked.  I don’t care how sophisticated your technology is, it is stupid to leave everything relying on one source of energy.  That is precisely why many electric cars also have a small gas tank to act as a backup energy source in case the electricity runs out.

Anyways, back to the heart of the matter.  As pointed out throughout the entire show, the power of friendship will overcome all.  Even if all hope is lost and everything points to losing, so long as we believe that together we can overcome anything.

This entire sequence of the back-to-back Final Operations reminded me of Gurren Lagann’s ending battle, although it is obviously not as cool.  This moment followed the cliché of throwing out all the ultimate techniques to stop the all-powerful enemy with good fashion.  My only wish is that they had animated more to the battle than just those.

As many of us had hoped, some sort of Vivid-transformation happened between Akane and Rei.  The surprise to me here is that Akane was the one to kiss Rei.  “VividBlack” doesn’t really have a nice ring to it, plus the show is called “Vividred Operation” and we had yet to see a proper VividRed.  Even though I was looking forward to a full-member fusion like HeartCatch PreCure’s final battle, the revelation of Akane and Rei’s VividRed Operation looked and performed great.

Rating:  3.5/5

It’s also nice to know that Grandpa Isshiki was eventually able to return to his real body.

Final Thoughts:

As your usual “Friendship conquers everything” series, Vividred Operation rides on the popularity of what made shows like Strike Witches and Sky Girls so visually popular, the butt and crotch shots.

The story for Vividred Operation isn’t too deep, which makes this a good introductory series to friends that don’t mind a panty shot or two.  It is straightforward in telling you exactly what is going on and who’s who.  The only problem I’ve found is that it falls midway on several episodes just to focus on the friendship between Akane, Aoi, Wakaba and Himawari.  Even though their friendship holds a big part of the main theme behind Vividred Operation, episodes focusing more on the truth behind the Alones, progressions going on in their world and the inner workings behind the Manifestor Engine would have brought a lot more interest to this series.

If this series were to play out like PreCure, I think I would have liked it a lot more.  Introduce Kuroki Rei after a dozen or so episodes, allowing us to settle in with the friendship of the main girls.  Additionally, there could have been a lot more room for individual powers and attacks.  The Vivid Pallet suit designs are very nice looking, along with the fascinating set up for their individual abilities.  The Vivid System itself is really interesting, but lacks the ability to be expanded upon.   More episodes allow for more development in the characters and the world.

Vividred Operation was an interesting show to watch, especially as a Mahou Shoujo fan.  However, it lacks a lot of what makes a story and its setting interesting and engaging.

Overall Rating:  1.5/5

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