Anime Review: Tamako Market – 12 [Final]

Now that the Prince has come to Japan, what will Tamako do now?


RECAP:  With the Prince in town, the pressure on Tamako’s decision seems to rise.  Everyone loves Tamako and wants what’s best for her.  But what are her feelings on the matter?  She realizes that she loves the people of Bunny Mountain just as much as they love her, so she just can’t accept becoming the Prince’s bride.  However, it’s all a misunderstanding as the Prince sees that Tamako isn’t a candidate.

With everyone at Bunny Mountain all hyped over the Prince’s arrival, all the stores have closed early.  The only time Tamako can remember that ever happening was on the fateful day her beloved mother passed away.  I almost felt like I was about to cry right along with Tamako at this point.  I’m sure the stress building up from all the “Prince’s bride” stuff has finally taken its toll as it brought about old feelings.  But the result of realizing her true feelings about her home brought her to a resolute conclusion on what she wants.

At first, I thought that Dera was running to the Prince in tears because Tamako rejected being a bride candidate.  But I was surprised to see that he was crying because he was touched by Tamako’s words of love towards the Bunny Mountain shopping district that loves her so much.  She now realizes where she truly belongs and was able to voice out her opinion.

Why did Choi touch her neck like that?  Now that I think about it, the neck-ring she wears blocks the same position Tamako’s mole is at.  Looking deeper into it, maybe Choi is the chosen one, but she doesn’t accept it as she has grown up to be the servant/fortune teller of the royal family.  The show may be done, but it’s always fun to think more about deeper meanings.

Family and loving friends really warm the heart, don’t they?

GO Rating:  4/5


Final Thoughts:

Kyoto Animation has done it again.  I wouldn’t say Tamako Market was its best, but it certainly wasn’t its worst either.  While not as emotionally impacting as some of their previous series, the happy-go-lucky attitude of Kitashirakawa Tamako brought another life to the table.  Its part slice-of-life, but it also has some aspects of having a solid running story behind it all.  So it is hard to fully place what genre to place it in.

The one thing that I definitely feel Kyoto Animation did very well this time was placing emphasis on the side characters.  Previous KyoAni series have placed heavy emphasis on the interactions between the main cast, but Tamako Market brought the feeling that everyone was a part of the main cast.  The shopkeepers became memorable to the show, just as much Tamako and Dera are the main characters.

The main story of Tamako Market beat around the bush a lot.  But the adventure of living with the Kitashirakawa household made it alright for us to not spend it all on the “Prince’s bride” story.  Because of that, we got to learn so much more about this tiny little world called Bunny Mountain Shopping District.  We got to learn about the shopkeepers that maintain it.  We got to feel the same love and care that Tamako grew up with.  Although Tamako Marketfelt to be a subpar show that I’d eventually forget a year from now, it was certainly a fun time to live in the Kitashirakawa household and feel the warmth of a loving community.

Overall GO Rating:  3.5/5

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