Anime Review: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – 12 [Final]

It’s been a long journey, let us watch this last episode and take a nap.

RECAP:  We last left off with Yuusha battling to bring Maou back to her senses and he is able to do so without hurting her.  Meanwhile, Onna-mahoutsukai brings a previously set up message and instructions to further the Tri-Nation’s prosperity, a cure for Smallpox.  The standoff at the Western border draws more tension as the Central Nations’ soldiers get antsy to strike while their leaders squabble over rights and land ownership.  The Meido sisters are attacked at the print workshop, but are saved by Soldier, one of the Crimson Scholar’s former disciples.  With Maou back in the Demon World’s public eye, she proclaims all the Demon leaders to convene and hold a meeting regarding the future of their world.  In the end, everything ends without too much bloodshed, just as our heroes wanted.

As you can probably tell from the Recap, a lot of stuff happened all at once.  But that isn’t surprising for Maoyuu.  Without too much struggle, the dire problem with Maou’s possessed body was solved.  This gave more time to deal with the World problems.  If this were any other show, it’d probably spend an entire episode on just bringing Maou back to her senses.  Thankfully, Maoyuu has a smart storyline that doesn’t waste time getting to the important bits.

The Western front held off just as long as expected, waiting for the snow.  It was rather smart to secretly make the horse mounts sick, debilitating the mobile forces of the Central army.  It worked to great effect as the 1,000-some group that broke off to attack was immediately handled with ease.

A few things were revealed and teased after all the conflicts were resolved.  For one, it was shown that the Central Church has been working with the Azure Demons to maintain some sort of stability.  This also allows the Azure Demons to gain power to topple the reign of Maou.  It is also unfortunate that the Rifle schematics Maou commissioned were also stolen, giving Central the mighty technology of handheld gunpowder.  Second of all, we see and hear a cryptic message out of Onna-mahoutsukai as she stands above a lake of liquid magic.  What it means and how it will be used is undetermined, but it can either mean it will be used as a resource or a weapon.

As Maou returns to the main stage, she wishes to continue her work to see “that other side.”  With her “Demon King License” renewed, she proclaims that all the Demon Worlds’ leaders meet to discuss the future of the Demon realm.   Of course, this is with the full intention that she wishes to bring the Demon and Human worlds together.  With Merchant and Dragon Princess on the commercial end of this, the plan to do so should show many benefits for both ends.

With this, we end the first, and hopefully not the last, season of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha.

Rating:  4/5

Final Thoughts:

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is not your everyday “Hero defeats the Demon King” fantasy story.  I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something deeper and intelligent as it includes a number of strategies in regards to agriculture, economics, and politics.

Most of us wish, “why can’t we all just get along?”  As a perfect set up for world, inter-species peace, Maoyuu’s story takes a different route towards that new horizon.  Rather than endless battles that show the barbaric, violent side of war, Maoyuu depicts a war using strategies on a different front.  Agriculture, economics, politics, inventions, medicine, religion, all of these things changes the future of the world just as much as war.  When a show makes you feel the need to pause sometimes and think, “Wait, what are they trying to accomplish by doing that?”  You know you are hooked and intrigued.

Maoyuu has it all, bits here and there of action, comedy, drama, and romance.  It is, overall, a good show that depicts the power of evolution and progress through different means than hot-blooded action.  I can’t wait to find out if we will get more, because this one season was more than enough to get me hooked towards finding out more about how far their world will progress.

Overall Rating:  4.5/5

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