Anime Review: Love Live! School Idol Project – 12

Honoka broods over the failure to properly take care of herself, which has caused their latest show to end negatively.  What will μ’s do now?


RECAP: The aftermath of the Culture Festival’s performance has taken its toll, allowing other idol groups to outrank μ’s.  The rest of the girls collectively decide to not try for Love Live! this year, without Honoka’s consent.  This idea is further pushed when they find out that the school has received positive survey to stay open next year.  However, the good news isn’t without the bad when Kotori reveals that she will be studying overseas and won’t be returning for a number of years.  Honoka, agonized by her failure as a μ’s member and a friend, decides it would be better to quit being a school idol.

The good news of this episode is relatively the best news the girls could hear ever.  Their original goal was to create μ’s in the effort of boosting the school’s popularity thereby saving the school from its declining application rate.  That goal has been attained and they have all the right to feel proud of their accomplishment.  With the school retaining its stature, the girls definitely have a reason to continue on as μ’s to make sure it stays open.

But that good news is completely trumped by the sad news of departure of our beloved Kotori-chan.  To study Costume Design abroad through recommendation is an amazing thing.  I retract my earlier comments about her staying.  As much as I wouldn’t want her to go, she is thinking about the future and with a set goal in mind.  Compared to events where the “study abroad” plot device is merely that, a plot device without a definitive goal, I feel like this is a tad more justified.  Nonetheless, as Nozomi said, μ’s is meant to have nine members, no more, no less.  We can already expect the end result to be Kotori not leaving, but how will that pan out… and will things really go that way?

Too many things have happened to Honoka within the time span of, what… one, two weeks?  First off, she already feels responsible for what could have been their “best live yet.”  Second, she feels like she has caused way too much concern amongst her friends.  And last, she feels like her selfish ambitions have caused her to lose one of her best friends.  When all is crumbling around you, it is easy to fall into despair.  In this case, Honoka begins to feel that getting μ’s to the same level as A-RISE is merely a dream.  To her, a μ’s without Kotori and with the way things are, μ’s doesn’t have a chance.  Was Umi’s slap strong enough to knock the negativity out of Honoka?  We’ll find out in the next and final episode.

GO Rating:  4/5

Cheer up, Honoka… or else!


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