Anime Review: AKB0048 Next Stage – 12

AKB0048 is coming back to Akibastar.  Bigger, better, BRIGHTER!


RECAP:  The girls continue their training to obtain Center Nova levels of radiance.  During that, they shone to the point of their consciousness being transported to a limbo-like dimension between their world and the transient world where Acchan and the rest of the previous Center Novae reside.  When they return to their bodies, they prepare for Operation Take Back Akibastar.  However, what awaits them is not a city of angered citizens that feel betrayed by their beloved idols.

When all hearts become one, miracles are bound to happen.  When all of the girls’ radiance triggered, they were brought to the place of their ambitions and dreams.  I can understand Akibastar, as their home, being such a place.  But I am confused as to how that ties in to the Center Nova transcendence.  Maybe, it is because Akibastar itself is the stage equivalent to the original stage in Akihabara, Japan, but on a much larger scale.  That must surely be it, considering the next point up, where Chieri and Nagisa are, is equivalent to the original stage.

Finally, that place Nagisa dreamed about in the beginning of this season comes back.  The fact that Nagisa recognizes this place and Chieri doesn’t proves that she is destined to be there and eventually reach the top.  After thinking about it more carefully, Nagisa is more like Acchan while Chieri is more like Yuuko.  I’m sure many of you AKB fans have already figured this out, but it seems to have become clearer in these past few episodes that these two hold that kind of friendship/rival relationship that is comparable to their real life counterparts.

Sadly, there is no welcoming party for our 0048 girls when they return home to Akibastar.  Met with the vicious anger of their betrayed fans, the Successor team can’t seem to get their feelings across to the fans.  Sensei-sensei’s message of “the key to the Operation lies in NO NAME,” spells out the crowning moment the Understudy team will soon take the stage and change everything wrong with the hateful crowd outside.  If you’ve been paying attention to the Opening sequences, the Understudies, as a team apart from AKB0048, are called NO NAME.


How will our girls take back Akibastar and the hearts of their fans?  We’ll find out in the next and final episode of the season.

GO Rating:  3.5/5


Even Tsubasa-san breaks it down for the girls!

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