Anime Review: Tamako Market – 11

Tamako and the Prince finally meet, but is she really the Princess they’re looking for?


RECAP:  Rumor has spread about Tamako’s candidacy to become a princess and everyone wishes for Tamako’s happiness.  However, Tamako doesn’t want to think about such things and carries on with life as normal.  After communicating with the prince via Dera’s video chat thingy, they get the feeling that he is a good guy and all.  Nonetheless, everyone has conflicting feelings in regards to the possibility of Tamako going away.  But would staying at Bunny Mountain forever really bring her happiness?

In the back of her mind, Tamako is probably having a hard time coming to terms with the whole Princess ordeal.  This is precisely why she just continues about her daily life, thinking that a normal girl like her couldn’t be princess material.  Her excitement towards the 100-stamp card prize proves that she does not think of it being important.  But that is how all big life changes happen: we don’t think they’re a big deal until it is right in front of your face.  She may not look worried at all, but her denial shows that she is afraid of change.

Tamako isn’t the only one considering the possibility of change.  Midori and co. are considering what would happen if Tamako left their circle.  As a central figure in the friendship, it would be saddening to see her go.  The shopkeepers all love Tamako as if she were their own child.  They’ve watched her grow up and become such a cheerful, hardworking girl.  Furthermore, Mamedai, as all fathers must come to face, must come to terms with the eventuality that one day Tamako will marry and likely leave the house.  They all wish for Tamako’s happiness.  The big conflict here, as Dera points out in the narrative, is that change is a scary thing; but it is possible that change will be a positive one.

When she finally vents her frustration, I sensed that I could really feel it too.  With everyone acting like becoming a princess would be a wonderful thing and Tamako only wanting to continue life normally, it is easy to understand that it seems like they are okay with seeing her leave their sides.  I think this makes Tamako feel like she is not needed around Bunny Mountain.  Everything will come down to how she feels as to which direction she will take in life.

Now that the Prince has personally come to visit, what will happen now?  Will Tamako become a princess or will everything all go back to how they were?  I think, for everyone’s sake, change is a good thing and she should go with it.

GO Rating:  4.5/5



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