Anime Review: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – 11

The multiple personality disorder Mage has finally made her debut!

RECAP:  The Iron Country is being attacked on three fronts: East, West, and South.  To counter the Southern Demon march, Yuusha goes alone only to encounter Onna-Mahotsukai to act in his stead for the sole reason of having him assist Meido-chou in suppressing Maou.  On the Eastern front, one of the Crimson Scholar’s disciples leads a small army to fend off against the Kingdom of White Night’s forces, to moderate avail.  On the Western front, the battle to buy time seems to be working in the Tri-Nation’s favor.  Meanwhile, Merchant continues his game in an effort to open up inter-world trade.

The Tri-Nation will be in very big trouble if they are forced to focus on anything other than the Central Nation’s forces to the West.  The butthurt king of White Night wants to destroy the Winter King and his alliance with the Iron and Ice countries, for they put him in bad terms with Central.  Additionally, because of the placement of his territory, the Tri-Nations’ existence hinders the prosperity of the White Night Kingdom itself, losing serfs and trade benefits.

It definitely doesn’t help that the Azure Demons are attempting to attack the Human world from the South.  But Yuusha and Onna-Mahotsukai have that covered far better than any sized army.

With the new currency in effect in the Central Nations, Merchant is forced to work around it.  I always get confused whenever the economics stuff comes into play in this show, so bear with me.  I believe he intends to buy out most major food resources in order to barter that for the new currency.  Because of that, he will essentially have both types of currency flowing through the Alliance’s hands.  This will cause no fault in the revenue of the Alliance.  Meanwhile, he also wants to gain control of White Light Island and its Salt resources to open trade with Gate City and the rest of the Demon world.  Am I missing anything?  Anyways, things seem to be going well for him so far.

Although things are going fairly well in the Human World, it isn’t so in the Demon World.  Maou, in her time of re-establishment as King of Demons, has had her body possessed by the bloodlust of a past Demon King’s spirit.  The only person that can help Meido-chou is Yuusha, as he crashes into the castle.  However, how will he purge the evil spirit from Maou’s body without killing her?

Rating:  4/5

Knowing this show, I somehow feel that this “book of teachings” will mean a lot more than it is letting on.

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