Anime Review: Vividred Operation – 11

Rei-chan has been apprehended and put in solitary confinement.  But will the girls just sit idly by?

RECAP:  With Rei under arrest, the VividGirls question why Rei has been in cahoots with the Alones.  To make matters worse, Grandpa Isshiki concludes that the existence of Kuroki Rei is not of this world, marking her as a beacon of sorts to the Alones; this makes the military want to “dispose” of her to seal the deal.  However, the girls won’t let things end this way as they break into UDF Headquarters to get what may possibly be their last chance to talk to Rei.

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel this series has gotten a lot better in these final episodes as far as storytelling goes.  Unlike previous episodes that emphasized the importance of the girls’ friendship, we now have plot progression that moves the story forward.  This episode proves once again another anime cliché that you should just do what you want to do versus what you think you should do.  Unlike the thoughts of the military grunts called adults in this episode, it is much more effective and important to find out exactly why the Alones are attacking, rather than merely getting rid of the current problem.

As Grandpa Isshiki said, “Humans cannot live without Air, Food, Water, and Friendship.”  Akane is a simple girl that cares more about her friends than what is right.  This “vivid” feeling that Akane has when it comes to friendship is really something.  Is it that feeling when you meet someone for the first time and think “I could probably get along with this person really well”?  I can’t recall ever feeling that way.  I sure as hell know I’ve felt the opposite, as in: “I just know I can’t get along with this person.” LOL!

Everything is now become a lot clearer to our heroes.  Rei has been absorbed into the Crow and ascended into what hopefully is its Final Form.  At this point I have two predictions as to how this’ll all pan out for the final battle:  1) All-member Docking, or 2) Somehow they get Rei out and she gets a Pallet Suit with her house key as the Ignition key.  Either way, this is the moment I’ve been waiting for in this series.  It has been an annoying ride, but I just can’t stop 75% of the way!

Rating:  4/5

Uhh… What?

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