Anime Review: Love Live! School Idol Project – 11

You do good job, Honoka! Keep it up!


RECAP: The girls have placed 19th in the Idol rankings and they’re not about to let their chances of performing in Love Live! slip through their fingers.  With the Culture Festival coming up, they plan to make their last stand by holding a big performance, before the placements for the competition are set.  However, with Honoka working so hard with excitement, she catches a cold on the big day!  Meanwhile, Kotori must decide whether she studies overseas or not with an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Two episodes ago, we found out that Kotori got a letter having to do with something overseas, most likely an invitation to study in America.  The deadline to reply is coming up soon and she must decide whether she stays or goes.  The hardest part is finding the right time to tell the team what is up.  As much as the whole Idol thing is great, everyone must always think about their personal growth and what they’ll do in the future for themselves.  So it is reasonable for Kotori to be torn.

Aside from Kotori’s worries, planning the performance for the Culture Festival is going to take a lot of work.  Luckily, we don’t have to watch each and every practice session and we just see the important bits.  It would have been great if μ’s got a primetime slot for the stage, alas they don’t even get stage time at all.  They still have the rooftop, which holds lots of memories for the girls.  That makes their last performance before the competition all the more meaningful.

This episode’s insert song is called “No Brand Girls.”

Honoka really shouldn’t have gone out for that jog the night before.  Singing and dancing in the rain for this performance doesn’t help either.  Nonetheless, this song was wonderfully performed.  I liked some of the subtleties like the ripples in the rain water on the ground.  Anyways, with Honoka out of commission, she still wanted to continue the show.  I can only think that the determination Honoka has towards making μ’s a success will make Kotori realize that the true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is becoming a successful Idol group with her friends.  And from the looks of that last scene, that just might be what will happen.

GO Rating:  4/5

This entire scene had me dying. LOL.

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