Anime Review: AKB0048 Next Stage – 11

Through that telescope, do you see a shining or dimming star?


RECAP:  Chieri and Nagisa infiltrate their way through Sagittariustar to meet with Chieri’s father.  In the meantime, the rest of 0048 float right outside of Sagittariustar’s defensive line, formulating a plan to get the two back and reclaim Akibastar.  Chieri tells Nagisa about the history with her father.  Unfortunately, they end up in Zodiac custody.  When Chieri agrees to do as her father wishes, she sings to prove her radiance to him.  Suddenly, he is shot by a sniper and the attention forces the Sono family butler to send Chieri and Nagisa back to the nearby Flying Get.

We’ve known that Chieri and her father did not get along too much, especially during the post-Lancastar years.  It was interesting to see how Chieri came to find out about 0048, even more so to think that everything may have been premeditated by her father.  She mentions in the bath scene that her father focused on work even when her mother and brother died.  I guess that pushes my theory of “Save my Wife through the Kirara/Center Nova” plan out the window.  His plan overall is still a mystery.

It is certainly strange that the CEO of Zodiac would become interested in Nagisa’s father’s report on the benefits of lifting the Entertainment Ban.  The claim of entertainment giving workers an incentive to be more productive and boosting the economy seems incredibly sound.  In fact, it seems a hundred times better than the current situation under a complete Entertainment Ban.  Maybe I’m just forgetting, but I don’t think there hasn’t been a concrete, reasonable explanation as to why the Ban was made in the first place beside the idea that entertainment spawns reckless ideas.

As a complete curveball into my field of vision, Chieri’s father was shot by a sniper.  The various shots of the telescope in Chieri’s room alluded to this, which I felt was rather strange until the event happened itself.  As to who and why would someone kill Chieri’s father, that is a mystery.  My first thoughts go out to someone higher up in DES, as the Zodiac research may have been compromised, revealing the interest in lifting the Entertainment Ban.  If this is true, this means that someone out there really, REALLY doesn’t want entertainment in this world.  And if that is true, my bets are on someone who couldn’t become a star themselves and got stuck in politics/military.  Now we’ll probably never find out what Chieri’s father was trying to accomplish.

GO Rating:  4/5

Seriously, why is the cutest girl in this series stuck as comedic relief?

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