Anime Review: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – 10

Sit back and enjoy a hot drink for this one, kids.  Prepare for economics!

RECAP:   Since the Winter Nation’s declaration of becoming a more free land, the Central Nations have started putting on the pressure.  In response, they begin efforts to give people a reason to leave the oppression of Central.  Meanwhile, Merchant takes a huge gamble on the events between the two opposing factions, hoping that Yuusha & co. will follow up in good time.  In the end, the Central Nations declare war and Yuusha seems to have some sort of plan… if the weather is right.

Sorry about last week’s episode folks; it was a recap episode.  If you feel like you’ve gotten lost or anything in the story since the beginning, I suggest checking out episode 9.5.  Recap episodes are good for that kind of thing; especially with narrative-heavy series like this one.

Anyways, an amazing amount of stuff went on this episode, which makes me feel that the recap was well needed to catch people up on everything that is going on in this world.  The Southern Kingdoms must now keep up on their word to bring freedom and prosperity to the people.  Problem is that they need more people to see that their way is right compared to the oppression of the Central Church.  Creating a branch of the Church was an excellent idea.  It allows the people to still hold their same faith, but abide by the new humanitarian policies.  The same goes for having bards sing of hopes and dreams to be found in the Southern Kingdoms.  It’s reminiscent to the songs of immigrants looking to find happiness in America.

Merchant is on a roll too.  I had to pause a couple times to fully register everything he was talking about with all the economic trade talks.  One thing was clear though, he is manipulating the future of the market by practically monopolizing certain resources the Central Nations heavily rely on.  Although it will have repercussions on the Southern Kingdoms, the risk will be worth the reward if their exportation taxes will help their economy and keep the outsiders at bay.  This also, ideally, makes Merchant and his organization the sole proprietor in economic trade between the two factions.  Not bad, Merchant, you managed to aid Maou’s plans in your own silly, greedy way.

But his exploits don’t stop there.  With the Dragon Princess risking herself to seek aid from Merchant, this is the key to what Yuusha hoped for out of him.  International trade with the Demon World would bring even more prosperity to more people, not only the Human World.  While this means more cash flow, it also means that inter-species peace becomes closer to becoming reality.  This may also help in the long run, should the Southern Kingdoms and Demon World join forces in the future.

The Central Nations’ declaration of war is not a light one.  Yuusha hopes to resolve this without casualties, as it would go against Maou’s wishes.  Should the Winter King be able to hold out the war for a certain period of time, what does Yuusha have in mind?  I can’t think that he is waiting for Maou to return.  At this moment, I don’t see much benefit she could make in this situation.  Besides, they can’t always rely on her when things get really bad.  Is it possible he will bring aid from Gate City himself?  We’ll have to wait until next time, I suppose.

Rating:  4.5/5

A twintail Meido-chou is fine too.

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  1. Your always introducing great animes Hako-Chan!! O_O Now I’m going to have to download this one too!! My computer’s gonna break down any moment now XD

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