Anime Review: Vividred Operation – 10

Will you join us for dinner? We got mayo, mayo and mayo.

RECAP:  Rei is down to her last few feather arrows, meaning she is getting desperate.  She is fully intent on unleashing her last arrows all on the next Alones.  To mend her heart, she visits Akane to apologize for the incident from the last time she was there.  Rei ends up staying for dinner and a sleepover, enabling Akane a chance to strengthen her friendship with her.  The next day an Alones attacks, and this time Grandpa Isshiki has figured out the source of the Alones power-ups.

Rei has been bound by the fear of the beings that control the fate of her world since the beginning.  Because of her rebellious phase, caused by her conflicting emotions, she has conjured the will to somewhat stand up to them.  Not to say that she has changed sides, she now has a better understanding of her position in the grand scheme of things… at least on her end.  While this is a good thing, it is also bad that she is losing control of herself to her emotions.

This odd friendship between Rei and Akane has been blooming into something meaningful.  The feelings Rei mustered from all this is the sole reason why she has been acting the way she has.  Her determination for her goal and the feelings of friendship are conflicting to make her feel slightly uneasy about everything she is/has been doing.  She thought she didn’t need friends in this parallel world.  But if there is anything anime has taught me, friendship is universal.

JUST when they concrete the friendship thing, they break it.  Then again, I saw this coming a mile away.  And, as usual, Rei misunderstands thinking that Akane has always known that she was the culprit.  Although their friendship is absolutely in trouble, Rei’s capture also means that the final act of the story is incoming.  A number of questions were answered this episode to clarify more about the Alones, especially the reason as to how Grandpa Isshiki knew about the Alones.

Also, why is it just now that they realized the arrow and power signature that was powering up the Alones?  That should’ve been researched from Day 1.

Rating:  4/5

If you look closely, it looks like a heart!



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