Anime Review: AKB0048 Next Stage – 10

When you’re stranded on another planet, may the power of song and dance calm your heart.


RECAP:  Stuck on an unknown planet, 0048’s ship, the Flying Get, needs to undergo repairs before it can properly take off again.  In the meantime, Tsubasa-san orders everyone to scout the area as the possibility of DES tracking them is not unquestionable.  When the girls encounter a local species, they find out that the planet has terrorized the Funghi species in the effort of mining Dualium.

After everything that has happened, the girls finally get a chance to breathe a bit of fresh air.  But they can’t leave their guard down since they don’t know when DES might attack again.  Even so, this downtime is a good moment for them to catch their bearings and reconvict their feelings towards returning home to Akibastar.  Even Mii-chan is kind of overdoing it as a means to repent for what she has done.

Encountering the Funghi must’ve been fate.  Because of them, the girls were able to find a large Dualium deposit.  Additionally, the mini-concert/battle they had resonated the Dualium enough to possibly help fix the Flying Get’s Kirara Drive.  Also, don’t forget to mention that the large Dualium Crystal shares the same resonant properties as Sensei-Sensei.  Each episode Dualium seems to gain a larger part towards the truth of everything.  The mystery mineral is still a foreign substance to humans, after all.  And just like Tsubasa-san said, if all of the girls learn to harness maximum resonance with the Dualium, they just might have the power to retake Akibastar.

Last time I complained that Chieri talking to her father has a high possibility of being fruitless.  What do you know, they still go and do it anyway.  Why?  Because words can still move the heart and all that jazz.  Hopefully, because of Chieri and Nagisa’s little venture, the truth as to why Zodiac is after Dualium and the Center Nova Phenomenon will come to light.  It is way too easy to think that they just want to use it for military purposes.  And Chieri’s father seems way too into the Idol thing to see it just as a mere fascination.

GO Rating:  3/5

Nice Sayaka reference here. LOL!


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