Manga Monday Ch. 18 – Ikusaba Animation

It’s Manga Monday.  A weekly post highlighting a different series.  I’ll mostly do posts on completed or ongoing series that are regularly updated.  While I do not condone scanlations, please support the creator and licensing companies by purchasing the work where available.

This week’s manga is – Ikusaba Animation

Summary (

Hachiya Mitsuka has a voice straight out of an anime. In the past she was bullied because of the way her voice sounded and had no friends, thus when she entered High School she wanted a different life, she wanted to have friends. After school on the first day of class a classmate, Kanisawa Kansai, hears Mitsuka’s voice after she tried to hide it. But instead of shunning her he instead asks to be a voice actor for his anime!

Hako’s Thoughts:

I love these young girl, self-empowerment series.  Although Ikusaba Animation is only a couple chapters so far, I have high hopes that it will escalate to a possible anime adaptation.  Of course, that it completely because I want to hear Mitsuka’s “anime voice.”  Anyways, this series shows promise in that it introduces a slightly good side to the efforts of making anime.  When a group off oddballs come together and work towards a goal, the road to completion is usually a fun one.  In Mitsuka’s instance, she must come to accept her voice and be less slef-conscious about it.  Sure we know the ending will consist of her reaching said goal, but the adventure as to how is certain to entertain.  Especially with the “animation director” around.


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  1. Seems interesting !! XD You made me want to check this manga out !!

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