Anime Review: Tamako Market – 9

Everybody Loves Somebody.


RECAP:  Mochi Day is October 10th. Everyone is looking forward to it, planning to have a Mochi-pounding event outside the store.   Anko, however, has been pretty depressed lately because her crush, “Yuzuki-kun,” is moving away soon.  Meanwhile, we find out a little bit of the past of Tamako’s father, Kitashirakawa Mamedai.

As a not-so-nice follow up to episode 4, Anko is greatly troubled by the event that the boy she likes will be moving away. The theme today seemed to be about embarrassing moments involved with love.  In Anko’s case, she’s too embarrassed to do anything despite how dire it is to see Yuzuki-kun more before he leaves.  It is definitely a sad event on both ends, if both parties feel the same way about each other.  But this is a life lesson for Anko.  Although awkward, she is able to see him one more time.  It just so happens to be convenient that Yuzuki-kun’s family loves Tamaya’s mochi.  So it isn’t goodbye forever, Anko!

The big fun of the day lied in the Mochi Day festivities.  Pounding and making fresh mochi, the Kitashirakawa family spends their time doing what they love in front of the passersby of the market.  Even Choi finds some amusement in seeing similarities in Mochi-making with her cultural Earth Harvest dance.

Aside from Anko’s love troubles and Mochi Day, the bulk of this episode held quite a lot of information regarding the Kitashirakawa family’s past, especially that song Tamako always hums.

The Mochi theme of the Kitashirakawa family’s names make for some fun puns.  This makes the prologue’s scene with a younger Tamako’s father, Mamedai, so funny and embarrassing.  This also explains why he is so adamant about always selling Mamedai Mochi, because it is his way of expressing his love for the one he’s lost.  Tamako has always gone on about how her mother really loved Tamaya’s mochi and wants more people to enjoy it too.

The real reason the Tamako’s song could never be found was because it was an original song in the first place.  It definitely didn’t help that the way her mom sang it to her was off-key, but that didn’t change the fact that her father still recognized the song whenever she hummed it.  Embarrassed, it was a secret from his past that he wanted to keep locked away with his memories of his wife.  Mamedai has always given off the feeling of the hardened, slightly strict father, but this episode showed off a little bit more of that softer side of him.  Who would’ve thought he was the lead singer of a band in high school?

GO Rating:  3/5


I wanna squish Choi’s cheeks too! :3


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  1. Wow !! Another anime by Kyoto Animation !! >__< I'm so excited to watched this!!

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