Anime Review: Vividred Operation – 9

A Wakaba x Himawari focused episode.  The yuri vibes are tingling.

RECAP:  When Wakaba promises to go on a factory tour with Himawari in exchange for wearing acute dress, the two are stopped by a local fashion magazine to take pictures of Himawari.  Wakaba, happy to hear her shy, introverted friend be praised by others, arranges for another more formal shoot… on the same Sunday she promised to go out with Himawari.  She apologizes for the mishap on the condition she acts as Himawari’s servant during that Sunday’s photo shoot.  In the end, their bond becomes stronger.

I can be pretty messy sometimes, but I really have to wonder if all those yellow bottles in Himawari’s room are orange drinks or lazy piss bottles.  That would be gross.  Sure, her theme color is yellow, but in and out of context, it can be perceived that way.  Anyways, it is a good thing that these two have started to create a bond comparable to that of “Akane x Aoi.”  Much like the parallel those two shares, Wakaba and Himawari are like polar opposites in every aspect.

During this episode I began to think that the plot would probably work out really well if this were more like Pretty Cure.  Each episode, especially this one, has given off the feeling that we’re just following their everyday lives with Alones attacks being just part of their new norm, just like how PreCure episodes pan out.  With all the bonding Wakaba and Himawari were doing this episode, I was kind of hoping the “Power of Friendship” would evolve the Isshiki System, allowing them to “dock” VividGreen and VividYellow together.  It would be HeartCatch PreCure all over again if all four of them fused into one super-being in the final battle.  To my knowledge, this is a 12-episode series.  If they go any more, I think it would easily get super boring, even with all the fanservice.

Aside from general perceptions of the series, this episode set up a good atmosphere for showing more of Wakaba and Himawari’s personalities, as well as their relationship with each other.  It seems they acknowledge their own faults, but allow that all to slide if they can see their faults shine through their friends.  Wakaba is very tomboyish, so she is happy when Himawari is praised as “cute.”  Himawari is very lazy, so she is willing to go outside if it will make Wakaba happy (with a little incentive, of course).  Stuff like this makes up how good of a relationship they have, which I assume will strengthen their powers as well.

Rating:  3/5

Costumed Entertainer is an honorable profession, right?

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