Anime Review: Love Live! School Idol Project – 9

Somebody’s little secret is out! Find out what Kotori has been hiding all this time.


RECAP:  The Open House performance was a great success, forcing the School Board to postpone the closing of the school dependent on next year’s enrollments.  With this and news of μ’s hitting rank 50 on the School Idol charts, the girls wonder how they can expand their popularity.  When the Niko leads the girls to Akiba to learn about their “fanbase,” they accidentally bump into… Kotori in a maid outfit!  The girls find out Kotori has been working in a maid café and is, in fact, the legendary maid, Minalinsky-san.  This gives Eri the idea that μ’s should hold a performance in Akihabara to boost their popularity.

So now we know why Niko was dressed this way in episode one.  It’s her go-to outfit for stakeouts apparently.  To make it to Rank 50 from starting at the bottom (was it 100?) is amazing in the little time our girls have started their group.  But reaching the Top 20 to get into Love Live! will be a challenge.  All they need is some popularity boosting.  What better way to analyze what is hip and happening with Idol fans than to visit Akihabara!

Busted!  Well, we’ve caught the hints that Kotori is Minalinsky-san since episode 5 (the autograph board Niko got on auction).  And just as expected, Kotori took up the maid café job in her efforts to become a better person for μ’s sake.  Her reasoning for keep it a secret is certainly viable.  She originally gave off the feeling of the cutesy, shy type in the Second-year trio, and she has grown to be more open since the beginning; meaning her “training” as a maid paid off.

It was a pretty nice idea to give Kotori the job in writing the lyrics for the Akiba performance.  Nobody in the group knows the essence of the people there besides her.  Of course, writing lyrics isn’t easy.  Luckily they find the answer to Kotori’s roadblock quickly.

This episode’s insert song is Wonder Zone.  From the looks of discography listings, this is an anime original insert song.  While short, it holds all the feelings Kotori has cultivated over the days of spending time with the wonderful denizens of Akiba.

What likely seems to be foreshadowed here with the air mail letter (and with Kotori’s really good “foreigner” dialect) is that a relative (dad or grandparent?) of Kotori who wants her to leave Japan after graduation.  At least that is the first thing that comes to mind.  Optimistically thinking, this may also lead us to the TV anime’s reference to μ’s PV song,Wonderful Rush.

GO Rating:  3.5/5

Wait… Niko-senpai was complaining about no goods of hers being on sale.  But we clearly see there are a few things here with her on them.  Am I missing something here?


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