Anime Review: AKB0048 Next Stage – 9

With Akibastar occupied, AKB0048 is now on the run.   Were Mii-chan’s actions worth it?


RECAP:  News of DES’ occupation of Akibastar has spread.  With 0048 on the run, our girls worry about their home, the disappearance of Oshima Yuuko, and the future of AKB0048 itself.  When Mii-chan is interrogated in regards to her affiliation to DES and Zodiac, her reasons become clear: she wanted to protect 0048 from having any more members disappearing.  When DES intercepts the fleeing 0048 members, Mii-chan escapes confinement to fight off the assailants.  In the end, the girls forgive her enough that they recognize her as a valuable asset to regain their strength.

Mii-chan must feel horrible, now, about how everything has turned out.  Zodiac double-crossed her wishes to find a way to bring back the previous Center Nova by occupying Akibastar, in turn forcing AKB0048 to evacuate or surrender.  Of course, our girls would never do the latter.  We finally get a chance to hear Mii-chan’s side of the story, in addition to her own feelings and past.  Her fear of being “spirited away” by the Kirara destroyed the possibility of ever returning to former glory.  But that fear acted as her strength to protect those who would follow.

Again, the Center Nova phenomenon is a mysterious thing.  Not only that, the existence of Dualium and the Kirara are a mystery as well.  Even though it was an assumed fact, we got to clarify what exactly the “Kirara Drive” hyper-space travel system is and how it works.  This serves as a metaphor for what the Center Nova Gate really is: a gateway to another world.  This begs the question again: what does Chieri’s father want with this technology exactly?  I’m not going to lie in saying that I think Chieri’s mom or another relative was once a Center Nova that was taken away.

Going back to the girls, especially Chieri and Nagisa, it is certainly hard to tell what the future holds for AKB0048.  Some of the successors are holding the fort at the underground temple on Akibastar and Yuuko disappeared in the Kirara light.  Chieri feels responsible for her father’s actions.  But confronting her father will likely be fruitless.  Also, with Yuuko gone, Nagisa feels more compelled that they must save her, even if it means she has to do it herself.  Then again, this is all just more talk from Nagisa.  I’ve yet to see anything from her that really constitutes as becoming a better idol.  So I really can’t take her seriously when she exclaims that she wants to aim for Center Nova.

Once a 0048 successor, always a 0048 successor.  The true light of Minegishi Minami the 5th bore its radiance once again in this scene.  Although Mii-chan’s piloting skills sort of came out of nowhere, the remains of our beloved AKB need all the help they can get.

For any of you who may be interested, the song Mii-chan activates is Blue Rose.

GO Rating:  3/5


Sonati you so cuh-ray-zee!


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