Anime Review: Vividred Operation – 8

Akane is out of commission! How will our girls defeat the Alones now?

RECAP:  With Akane injured, the girls have been forced to retreat.  This leaves the Alones to do as it pleases, as it latches onto the Sky Tree forming a cocoon set to hatch in a number of days.  With no possibility of using the Vivid System’s Combine technique, there is little to no chance at defeating the Alones.  With that the military is forced to use its last resort of using locked away WMDs.  But Aoi, Himawari, and Wakaba aren’t going to give up just yet!

The nature of the Alones is still a mystery.  But the fact that it is the type of creature that cocoons itself to evolve makes me feel that it is an inter-dimensional parasite.  The Alones’ form after hatching doesn’t look familiar to me at all, as far as current known species goes.  It is likely to assume that the Alones are an existence that lives “alone” in the rifts between dimensions.  The collective existence is merely looking for a place of being.  With that, how did Grandpa Isshiki know about the Alones and how did he know to develop the Vivid System to counter them?

Besides the speculation of the Alones’ true existence, this episode really works out the “do your best, even if your main supporter isn’t by your side” theme.  Let’s face it, Aoi, Himawari, and Wakaba have been carried too hard by Akane.  That’s the real reason Akane is in the hospital.  Jokes aside, that theme is something done all too often that works out well to express hope into us, the viewers.  Although we know that they wouldn’t just give up from the get-go, the real wonder was “how” they were going to fight back without Akane.

It’s also becoming interesting as to how the girls’ friendship is affecting Rei.  Rei vies to return to the innocent times she spent before her world collapsed.  But to regain that world of hers, she must become the villain in another world.  Her conflicting feelings will change the tides in probably the second/third to last battle.

Even if there is a 0.001% chance to win, where there is a will, there is a way.  That is something anime, in general, has taught me over the years.  To be honest, I felt this was the most interesting battle in the series so far.  Every other battle was a couple attacks, then VividCombo Special attack.  Whereas Akane’s absence made this battle require some strategy.  Strategies exist to cultivate a victory against the odds of defeat.  In turn, the battle of fighting against the odds is more interesting.  I can only hope that the battles from here on bring out that same flavor.

Rating:  3/5

Genki girls gonna Genki!

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