Anime Review: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – 9

The Central Church labels her a heretic.  What do you think?

RECAP:  To appease the Central Church, we’re forced to hand over the Crimson Scholar over.  With the plan to save the disguised Meido-Ane, the plan seems legit.  However, Meido-Ane has something else in mind: a speech.  After the inspiring speech, the people act against the Central Church Messenger, the Winter King claims protection over the Crimson Scholar, and Onna-kishi claims Sainthood of her as well.

For the past few episodes, Meido-Ane has been dwelling on her feelings of uselessness.  Her confliction of her past and present self makes her question what she really is: an insect or human.  When we see her break down into tears, I finally understood her heartache.  She has been given so much kindness by Maou and everyone, including the peasants, that she feels that she is unable to reciprocate that kindness.  In actuality, her job now is quite helpful, but in her position it is easy to not understand that.

Long speech is long.  However, it is a good one that applies to anyone.  The way she conveys it is quite touching, really.  In a way, it also helps give a public image to the people who don’t know of the disguised Crimson Scholar.  By presenting the idea that the Crimson Scholar was once a serf that grew to become a knowledgeable savior gives the peasants hope that they too can become “something.”  This strong message is vital for the direction of the Winter Kingdom.

The Messenger got his just desserts.  I hope that stone hurt.  With the exclamation of protection and sainthood over the Crimson Scholar, there is sure to be some major conflict.  The problem now lies in how much intel and time the Alliance will be able to take away from the Central Church.  Knowing is half the battle (G.I. JOE!).

Rating:  4/5

Who the hell is this guy?

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