Anime Review: Tamako Market – 8

Guys, it’s time for Dera to go on a diet, so don’t feed the bird


RECAP:  When Kanna makes a birdhouse for Dera, everyone is delighted.  But when he is unable to fit inside, they decide to force him into diet and exercise.  Because Dad and Grandpa are likely to help Dera cheat, the girls bring him to school, including Choi.  With the Fall season waning it’s cold air, the girls insist on getting warmer clothes for Choi as well.  Meanwhile, the Prince is wondering what’s taking Choi and Dera since they haven’t contacted him back.

I don’t know why the diet plan wasn’t on Choi’s wish list sooner.  But it is definitely something needed.  As much as we all enjoy our favorite fat, mocha-eating bird, the story won’t progress much so long as he is overweight and his “communication device” is broken.  It certainly is a wonder how he has been able to fly at all throughout the show.  Most birds around his size weigh in around 300-400 grams (0.6-0.8 lbs.);  he’s got to be pushing 700-1000 grams (1.5-2.2 lbs.).

As a counter-measure against Tamako’s Dad and Grandpa from helping Dera, bringing Choi and Dera to school is a great idea.  Then again, bringing a complete foreign stranger to school WITHOUT NOTICE and labeling her as a “temporary foreign exchange student” is definitely weird.  I know this is anime, but one cannot simply walk into Mordor here.  Aside from all that, Choi looks really cute in the school uniform.  Better yet, she looks even cuter in the other outfits the Midori and Kanna have her try on at that used clothes store (run by that creepy-looking lady).

In the end, Dera loses weight.  He looks really weird, too.  It’s hard to tell if he actually built up muscle or just got starved to that body shape.  My bets are on the latter as the shopkeep folk were awfully concerned enough to gift vitamins and supplements for him.  The only thing now is if Choi and Dera will be able to contact the Prince again.

Also, there must be some sort of connection with the scent of the White Flower that Choi makes notice of it.  It’s a big theme in the Ending Credits sequence, so the flower holds some sort of significance.  Is this a sign that Tamako’s mother may have had some sort of connection to the tropical lands Choi and Dera are from, or is the scent is a symbol of a worthy bride for the Prince?  Hopefully, we’ll find out very soon.

GO Rating:  3.5/5


Best way to make a bird exercise?  Force it to fly!


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