Anime Review: Love Live! School Idol Project – 8

Have you been practicing your dance steps enough?


RECAP:  So it turns out that cliffhanger from last episode meant that if the upcoming Open House event didn’t have favorable results, the school would be forced to deny all future applications and shut down.  Eri is forced to frantically look for a solution as Student Council President, however, is slightly halted when μ’s asks her to teach them to dance.  Eri goes hard on them, but that doesn’t stop the girls from trying hard, eventually winning over Eri’s heart and gaining their final members (Eri and Nozomi) of μ’s.

Eri’s backstory filled up even more this episode.  Not only is she bound by the duty of protecting her grandmother’s alma mater, but also the duty as Student Council President to save the school.  Her insistence to push the school’s importance to society, history and culture proves that she is abiding by those binds.  Even as just her little sister, Arisa is right to say that just a mere speech will not reach the hearts of prospective students.

I was slightly surprised to see that Eri would even bother teaching the girls.  I’m sure her full intention was to go hard and make them give up practicing the way a “real” dancer does.  You’d think that Eri, as Student Council President, would use her time more effectively planning the Open House events.  Thankfully, she goes with her plan to try and get the pestering over with.  But that completely backfires on her.

The fact that Eri never really won anything during her dancing days placed a mental road block, forcing her to fear doing what she wanted to achieve anything.  I feel this was very well-played as it further brought out Eri’s character, making her joining μ’s have more meaning.  μ’s has always been about working hard and having fun for the sake of their school and themselves.

This episode’s insert song for the Open House event is called “Bokura no Live, Kimi to no Life.”  Let’s just say that they have come a long way from the first time it was performed in 2010.  If you’re still lost in the loop, that link refers to the first animated music video for μ’s. As you can tell, there is a bunch of differences in the girls’ relationships, but the general theme is still there:  All of the girls starting their debut as a nine-member group.  I really hope we get to see new versions of the other songs like “Snow Halation” and “Mogyutto ‘love’ de Sekkenchu!”

GO Rating:  4.5/5


Enough of all this Llama drama! We’ve got nine members now!


UPDATE:  I realized a day after this was posted that those are Alpacas, not Llamas. lol


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