Anime Review: AKB0048 Next Stage – 8

Akibastar is in trouble!  Can 0048 fend off the DES/Zodiac attack?


RECAP:   The calm before the impending storm.  Everything is going along routinely for our girls as they prepare for the usual Akibastar concert.  Yuuko stumbles on her path to achieve Center Nova status, while some worry for how she is acting lately.  When DES/Zodiac attacks during the concert, everything seems to fall right in the hands of Chieri’s father, including the radiance of the Center Nova Phenomenon emanating from Yuuko.

Yuuko still feels like she is missing something when it comes to obtaining Center Nova.  She is trying really hard and still can’t seem to reach that same radiance Acchan once showed her.  It’s great that she is still able to act as the leader and role model for the 00 girls, but it’s sure to get lonely at the top.  This is the same loneliness that Acchan seemed to have felt before she disappeared.

Why was DES able to breach Akibastar’s defenses so easily?  I just really can’t understand.  Considering AKB0048 and the entire planet itself are a known coordinate and target that defy the Intergalactic Anti-Entertainment laws, you would think that the defenses against any and all attacks would be stronger than that.  As this is merely a minor detail in the grand scheme of things, I won’t let it break my impression of the episode.  But still, really?

Anyways, after all of the Center Nova “requirements” are met, this is the result?  This “Gate” thing is completely new to us all.  So far we’ve been under the impression that the Center Nova light shines brightly and suddenly — poof — the 00-member is gone.  At least with this, Mii-chan’s motives are shown: she wanted to bring back the Center Novas they’ve lost by using this “Gate.”  As a former 0048-member, it is reasonable enough to want to reunite with “family.”  But with the events that have transpired, was it worth the possibility of losing Yuuko?  This whole Center Nova Phenomenon thing is getting pretty out of hand, bringing up more and more questions as to what it really is.  Which reminds me: What about Sensei-sensei?

GO Rating:  3.5/5


Tease me, too, Mariko-sama!


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