Anime Review: Tamako Market – 7

Everyone meet Choi Mochimazzi, the newest fortune teller and mochi-fan in town.


RECAP:  Choi, the fortune teller from the Southern islands Dera is from, has come looking for our lovable, fat royal bird.  As a diligent servant to the royal family, she is aghast to what Dera has become, with her mere presence forcing him to constantly apologize with dogeza-style bows.  Dera tricks Choi into believing he was tricked into becoming fat and lazy.  But the honesty and kindness of Bunny Mountain drive that ruse out the window.

Because we have this awesome new character to add to the show, all the pictures I’m tacking on to this post will be all about Choi.  Her attitude and figure remind me a lot of Nakano Azusa from K-ON!  Choi is a very diligent and polite girl that only makes outbursts in private, primarily against Dera.  She adds to show quite well as the “straight man” type of character.  She doesn’t do anything silly; she sticks to a certain order of how things should go.  Of course, since she is in a foreign country, she has to tag along with whatever Tamako guides her to.  But she isn’t afraid to decline offers so as to not feel more indebted to their kindness.

The people of Bunny Mountain seem to have taken a great liking to her.  The fortune telling talent of hers certainly boosts that.  Good, honest folk like the shopkeepers are always fascinated by such things, especially if it is something beyond their normal, everyday lives.

It was interesting to see how a little bit of side storytelling about the Tofu guy and the Bathhouse owner’s daughter was brought up.  Using the fortune-telling as the medium, we got to know a little more about their characters and their “non-existent” relationship.  It wasn’t exactly subtle, but compared to the main story, it is definitely a nice addition to get us more involved as viewers.

In a few key Choi scenes, it is hard to tell whether Choi hold great admiration towards the Prince or she is in love with him.  She has no problem with the quest of finding the Prince a bride, but that look in her eyes when she thinks about the Prince tells me otherwise.  Regardless, this scene with the feverish Choi saying “I can’t hear the waves” in her sleep may hold some significance later on.  It may have something to do with her divine powers, or maybe she is drowning in the sea of lovesickness being away from the Prince.

GO Rating:  4/5

Ehehehe~ Peach!


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