Anime Review: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – 8

Yuusha sure knows how to show a guy a good time.

RECAP:  With Maou gone, it is up to the rest of the household to take care of things in her stead.  Merchant sees through the illusion magic, thus Yuusha reveals a little bit of the truth of Maou’s goals by showing him Gate City.  Onna-kishi absolves her worries by offering her knightship solely to Yuusha.  Meanwhile, the Central Nations abuse the power of religion to label the “Crimson Scholar” as a heretic, forcing the Winter King and the Church to relinquish her.  But Yuusha has a plan that just might work.

With Yuusha showing Merchant the truth this episode, I feel this event will turn the wheels of Maou’s plans for the better.  Since his work in Gate City, Yuusha has been starting to actually think with his brain on how he can be of better help towards the peaceful goal his beloved Maou wishes for.  Certainly Merchant seems like the type of person whose curiosity may be easily peaked for the unknown.  Besides, Yuusha and Merchant seem like total bros during their time together.  While Merchant might now realize that he has no chance with the Crimson Scholar with Yuusha at her side, I’m sure these guys can still be cool friends.

We’ve already known that Maou has already resolved herself to her wish and contract with Yuusha.  But it is definitely surprising to see that Onna-kishi has also found her answer in such a short time, rather than dwelling on trying to take Maou’s place in Yuusha’s heart.  This scene, as well as the one prior described, felt like a great calm before the storm that is likely about to take place.

Gotta love religious crusades, right?  Personally, while in the past they seemed in the right, now the idea just seems stupid.  Fiction isn’t excluded from this.  But with the current setting of historical progression that Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is set in, we have to accept that the power of the Pope, the Church, and the Central Nations are the majority governing factor.  Yuusha’s plan to save Meido-Ane just past the border just might work.  But I have a horrible feeling that something will go wrong and that it may jeopardize the live of Meido-Ane.

Rating:  4/5

When and how will Mahou-tsukai become relevant to the story? And why is she the quiet, sleepy type?!


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