Anime Review: Vividred Operation – 7

Exams are coming up and the girls decide to study together.  Shouldn’t you be studying too?

RECAP:  Akane hasn’t been able to get much time to study, even sleep, these days with her part-time job, school and saving the world.  With guiding words from Mizuho-sensei, the girls decide to hold a study group to help Akane get her grades back up in time for the next exams, even inviting Rei to join them.  Rei adamantly refuses, but to find out more about the Isshiki household, she takes them up on their offer.  But just as they finish up studying, an Alones attacks.

I feel like this is another useless episode.  Not as useless as last week’s “training/beach” episode, but it gets pretty close.  For one, in this scene, Rei despises going to school because she is annoyed by the girls’ hard-pressing friendship offers.  The “Core Alones” (we’ll just call them that for now) is telling her that she is required to attend school.  She of course does not need to go to school to fulfill her mission, but the “Core Alones” are tacking on a “because we said so” reasoning behind it.  Is there some kind of hint that the “Core Alones” are actually Rei’s parents and that is their parental duty to make sure she goes to school, or is this really just a ploy to completely disregard the illogical standpoint of her being required to go to school?

Aside from that retarded reasoning, the whole “study together!” event also holds little to no merit.  Sure, the event itself is good for strengthening the girls’ friendships.  But wasn’t that what Episode 6 was all about?  Akane isn’t necessarily full-on retard, we’ve come to understand that she is a “little below average” grades type of person.  She just needs reasonable time to actually study.  Okay, so yeah, this study group itself helps out.  But I don’t think it’s enough to warrant an entire 60% of an episode to it.

The fight with the Alones slightly makes up for the previous actions of this episode as the end of the fight leaves us off with a cliffhanger.  It proves that the Kuroki Rei Arrow Upgrade to the Alones are possibly getting stronger.  With Akane exerting all of her VividRed power to block that one attack, you have to wonder how this new Alones will be defeated.

I really hope this conflict with the Alones will pick up, because I am certainly tired of seeing all this “friendship building” material when we already have been shown a good deal of how close they’ve all gotten.

Rating:  2/5

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