Anime Review: Love Live! School Idol Project – 7

The Love Live! School Idol Tournament will be held this summer!  Are our girls ready for the task?


RECAP:  The big news this episode is the forthcoming of the big School Idol tournament, “Love Live!”  The girls wish to try their hand at participating, but their main obstacle Eri, the Student Council President, would never approve.  So they try their hand at asking the Headmaster directly.  They gain permission on the condition that none of them fail their upcoming exams.  Meanwhile, Umi finds out just why Eri disapproves of μ’s.

Unlike Eri, the Headmaster seems to be all willing to let μ’s do what they want.  Then again, Kotori IS her daughter.  Of course, all of this is not at the cost of their educational progress.  She wouldn’t be doing her job if she didn’t consider that first.  Giving a fair deal on the Love Live! subject, Eri has no choice but to subside her dissent.  I wonder if the Headmaster knows Kotori has been working part-time at a maid café.  She doesn’t seem to have any qualms about her being in μ’s.

The big part of this episode, aside from the reveal of the Love Live! event, is the build-up for Eri to join μ’s.  We already know she will join eventually (and Nozomi is just waiting for Eri), but the problem lies in the “why?”  It is kind of funny to see that Eri’s little sister loves and follows μ’s.  Despite how much Eri doesn’t want to accept them, she cannot deny the success they have gotten so far.  Even if she was the one to upload that initial video of Honoka, Kotori, and Umi’s performance of Start:Dash!!Eri is in-part the reason why μ’s is popular — probably one of her biggest regrets right now.

Eri’s reason for disapproving of μ’s actually has some foundation now.  Much better than Niko’s reasons, Eri actually performed on stage before.  Her respect for dance outweighs the idea that what Honoka and the girls are doing is doing dance itself justice, if that makes any sense.  She essentially feels that School Idols are all amateurs, fakes even.  I’m looking forward to seeing Eri join the team soon.  Her contribution to the dance choreography will upgrade μ’s a ton.

A score of 53 is good enough apparently, as the girls are super-excited about fulfilling the Headmaster’s condition to be permitted to participate in Love Live!  Honoka, why you sobaka?

GO Rating:  3.5/5

Just how deep is Nozomi and Niko’s relationship anyways?



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