Anime Review: AKB0048 Next Stage – 7

Succession is a sacred and momentous event for AKB0048.  Join us in celebrating Mimori’s big day!


RECAP:  Mimori’s special succession concert is held this episode, the bulk of it focusing primarily on what it means to become a successor.  The understudies worry that their beloved Mimori will change for the worse.  Yuuko worries more about what she might be missing.  Takamina confronts Kanata about succession.  Meanwhile, it is revealed our awesome photographer, Mii-chan, is working for Chieri’s father and his “Center Nova Research.”

With Mimori’s succession concert coming up the girls are super-psyched.  As Understudies, this event acts as a positive influence on their training, pretty much telling them, “You can do it! You can succeed too!”  Worrying about Mimori won’t help any.  The best they can do for her is practice to make her special concert a huge success.

Now, Kanata is the last of the “cursed” 75th generation understudies.  It is perfectly reasonable for her to worry about her own succession.  But she, of course, has to stay positive for her best friend, Mimori, on her special day.  When Takamina approached Kanata about succeeding the Takahashi Minami name, I became perplexed as to why she would bring it up.  She already knew that she didn’t want to give up the title.  Maybe she feels guilty in thinking she is the reason Kanata is being held back?  It most certainly seems so.  What Kanata might be missing at this point is the true eagerness to obtain succession.

Mimori’s succession to become Shinoda Mariko the 8th definitely came as a surprise.  It was a name that slipped my mind.  It certainly does fit, though, as Mimori can make some unreasonable demands and still pull it off with that kind look in her eyes.  Her new hairstyle doesn’t look weird at all.  If anything, it raises her appeal.

It has been revealed how Chieri’s father has been obtaining deep intel on AKB0048, and it has all been because of Mii-chan.  It is kind of hard to say what HER true objectives are because she has voiced dissenting opinion on bringing back the Center Nova, but she is helping Chieri’s father in finding the secret behind the Center Nova phenomenon.  My feelings are leaning towards the fact she wants to find the truth in what happened to Acchan.  Tsubasa-san feels the same way, but she is willing to let it go because she is in charge of 0048.  But Mii-chan still just might be stuck in the past.

That said, it seems next episode Chieri’s father plans to have DES attack Akibastar.  How will this pivotal battle change the tide?

GO Rating:  3.5/5

Best comedy duo right here, folks!

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