Anime Review: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – 7

Yuusha gets all the ladies in the end, doesn’t he?

RECAP:  More time has passed since the battle to retake Bright Light Island.  Yuusha had returned to his place next to Maou, but not without the interference of Onna-kishi’s advancements.  Maou must return to the Demon Realm to stave off the conflicting demons, re-establishing herself to remind the Demons that she is their ruler.  Because of this extended trip, she prepares Meido-Ane, Onna-kishi, and Yuusha for what may come in her absence.

This scene when Maou and Yuusha take Meido-Ane to the Iron Forge country is so full of truth it hurts.  For this world, it is safe to assume that a good 60-70% of citizens are not properly educated.  For Maou to emphasize that education is the future of mankind to better understand the world around them is an indefinite truth, even in reality.  Meido-Ane is a perfect example for this, as she has been educated by both Maou and Meido-chou in various subjects.  For a serf to become this learned in writing, mathematics, economics, etc.  Meido-Ane is worthy of being an equal to that of a noble.  To expand this process of education, I am glad to see that Maou is planning to bring the Printing Press to the world.

Maou doesn’t have much time before she must take her leave to subside the chaos in the Demon World, so it is reasonable for her to want to deepen her bond with Yuusha. However, Onna-kishi isn’t willing to give up on Yuusha either.  Their way of quarrelling is so fun to watch, as they respect each other as friends, as well as rivals.  Their personalities are much better than some other series’ love triangles I’ve seen out there.  Maou is very pure, but knows she wants to be assertive, and she acts on it at times.  Onna-kishi almost fits within the tsundere-type, but she doesn’t hit Yuusha for doing stupid things because she understands that is how he is.  Both are fine women.  Now, if only Yuusha could man up and decide on what route to take with them.

Aside from the focus on Maou and Yuusha, the Winter King’s victory and then-sustained country has garnered animosity from the higher ups from Central.  A storm is brewing and it is very unfortunate that Maou will be on leave during this time.  Yuusha seems to be gaining a good head on his shoulders when it comes to anything but fighting, so far.  This is precisely why it is a good thing Maou set up Meido-Ane and Onna-kishi to be able to handle things as well during her absence.  At worst, I foresee a war between countries.  Or worse, insider corruption messing up with the Winter kingdom.  But will that all be worth it with the current Demon/Human war already ongoing?

Rating:  3/5

Did this little girl just accidentally create Orange Soda?

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