Anime Review: Vividred Operation – 6

I had the same look on my face as the girls throughout this episode. Don’t worry girls, story should become relevant someday.

RECAP:  For Summer Camp the girls’ class goes to an island where they will learn nature’s beauty cleaning and enjoying the beach.  However, Grandpa has other plans for Akane and company: Friendship training.  The entire plan can be best summarized by this episode’s title: The Story of How Kenjiro Tries to Strengthen the Power of Friendship Between Akane and the Girls and How It Ends Up a Total Mess.

The story development with Kuroki Rei’s backstory brought some light to what is going on in this series.  Unfortunately, this week is a combo of the Beach, Summer Camp, and Training episode archetype.  Which means this episode is really meant to be more for laughs and fan service.  Grandpa’s overreacting and Akane’s “Swimsuit Tent” was probably the best highlights of comedy this episode.

The whole point of Grandpa’s plan was to strengthen the bond between Akane, Aoi, Wakaba, and Himawari.  But they never really needed it in the first place.  Sure, this episode, they got to find out a couple new things they never realized about each other.  But they seem like trivial matters that didn’t give off the feeling of boosting their bonds.

His whole plan was really like him though.  Taking things over the top tech-wise is his style of doing things.  Stupidly placed conveyor belts, balloon missiles, robots, a mobile suit; all of these things making the idea of strengthening the girls’ bonds more complicated than it really is.  If the girls were left to their own vices, they’d deepen their bond without Grandpa’s help.

If anything, this episode strengthened the thin line of friendship between the girls and Rei.  As we have found out so far she isn’t necessarily a bad person, just misguided.

Rating:  2/5



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