Anime Review: Tamako Market – 6

Beat the summer heat with a chilling experience in Bunny Mountain Shopping District’s Haunted House!


RECAP:  The heat of summer has been keeping customers from visiting Bunny Mountain lately.  And Tamako has just the idea to fix that problem: a haunted house!  While she and the girls build the little attraction, the shop owners begin to experience weird things going on around them, believing it all to be real curses.

This episode brought back some fun emphasis on the great side characters: the shop owners.  In this instance, it is funny how they want to protect their adorable Tamako-chan while they try to prevent any bad forth-comings from befalling her.  But their love just might be too much as they over react the “curses” upon their humble shopping district.  This scare also shows off how human they are by showing how quick to misunderstand they are.  When you’re paranoid of real curses, the simplicity of logic shines like a distant dying star; you won’t notice until someone points it out.

Kanna, the quiet carpenter-fanatic she is, can be scary sometimes.  And  not in the “haunted house scary” kind of way.  In just mere minutes, she measured the entire storeroom at Bunny Baths and estimated how much material would be needed to construct the Haunted House.  Seriously, girl, how did you do that?  Anyways, it was great that the entire neighborhood had enough spare materials to help the girls on their project.

The Haunted House project was definitely a success.  The rumors of the “real” curses that the shopkeepers were freaking out about unintentionally helped with advertising the event.  I like how we got a chance to walk through it with the girls’ teacher.  It was a chance to see exactly what it is that the girls worked on, plus enjoy seeing Sensei wail in fear despite trying to look cool in front of his wife.  Not only was it fun, it brought new and old customers around to enjoy the shops while in the area.  Way to go, Tamako!

There is one little thing that really bugged me this episode.  In last week’s preview, we found out that one of Dera’s acquaintances would be coming to town.  And what do we get?  Well, she IS in town.  But it was delayed to the last minute.  As much as I enjoy watching Tamako and the rest of Bunny Mountain, I was really hoping to get down to the Dera-Prince storyline.  Oh well, we’ll definitely see this “Choi” person next week.

GO Rating:  3/5

I’ll curse you!


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